Luke Reynolds 'Vanishing Places Vol 1: Bears Ears' 12" Vinyl LP

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Vanishing Places Vol. 1 Bears Ears is a new album from Guster guitarist Luke Reynolds. Based on a series of field recordings Luke made in Bears Ears National Monument. The idea behind the project was to travel into wild places currently at risk, record the soundscape, then turn those field recordings into fully realized compositions back in the studio. With James Gadson on drums and Lars Horntveth on horns, woodwinds, and synths. The cover artwork is by Larry Bell. Produced by Luke Reynolds. Mixed by Brad Bivens. Mastered by John Baldwin.

• 180g deluxe audiophile vinyl
• Deluxe uncoated finish jacket
• 11x11 double sided insert w/ liner notes
• Includes Full Album MP3 Download on release day May 3rd

Side A

1. In A Landscape
2. Bears Ears
3. Moon House
4. Prism
5. Vanishing Places
Side B
6. Somewhere Far Away
7. Flight Path (On A Tuesday Afternoon)
8. Totality
9. Somewhere Far Away (Reprise)
10. Field Recording Monday May 7th